Cabbage-pult is a plant in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version), obtained after completing Ancient Egypt - Day 1.


Cabbage-pult is a basic attacking plant that lobs 1 cabbage every 2 seconds. The cabbages deal 2 normal damage shots each.

  • Sun Cost: 100
  • Recharge: Fast
  • Health: 6 bites
  • Obtained: After beating Ancient Egypt - Day 1
  • Plant Food Ability: Lobs a giant cabbage at every zombie on screen. These giant cabbages deal 10 normal damage shots to every zombie on the tile they land on.

Almanac Entry

Cabbage-pult received his doctorate in pulting from Harvest University. He knows a thing or two about launching his way to the top. He also makes a mean soup.

Level Upgrades

  • Level 1: Nothing
  • Level 2: Has a 25% chance of lobbing 2 cabbages at once.
  • Level 3: Has a 50% chance of lobbing 2 cabbages at once.
  • Level 4: With plant food, it lobs electrical cabbages that deal 15 damage each.
  • Level 5: Has a 25% chance to use its plant food ability upon planting.
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