The Costume Lottery is a gimmick in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version). It can be accessed from the shop, and is how the player wins plant costumes. It is unlocked after completing Ancient Egypt.

Winning Costumes

The player can play the Costume Lottery for 1500 coins, or by using a Costume Lottery Ticket. After paying, they're given a prize pod, which will open, revealing a costume. The costume the player receives is random, and the more costumes the player has, the higher chance they have of getting a costume they already have. When the player obtains a plant, that plant's costumes are added into the Costume Lottery.


  • Costumes are only cosmetic, and don't affect a plant's behavior.
  • The Costume Lottery functions in a very similar way to the Prize Machine in the game Crossy Road.
  • If the player has won all available costumes, Crazy Dave will state that you've already won all the costumes he has, and to come back once you unlock more plants.
  • After obtaining all costumes, the player is awarded the Dress for Success achievement.
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