Pinata Parties are special events in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version). They can be played every 24 hours. After completing a Party, the player can whack open 3 piñatas of their choice, and these piñatas can contain various prizes inside them. Pinata Parties can also take place in any area of the game, and most commonly take place in Player's House.

Pinata Party Types

Pinata Parties can be one of 5 different level types:

  • Normal
  • Special Delivery
  • Locked and Loaded
  • Save Our Seeds/Special Delivery
  • Save Our Seeds/Locked and Loaded

Goals For Success

Most Pinata Parties also have a Goal For Success. This goal must be completed in order for the player to actually complete the Party. There are various different goals, but only 2 can appear at once:

  • Don't lose X amount of plants
  • Kill X zombies in Y seconds
  • Spend no more than X sun
  • Never have more than X plants
  • Don't use any plant food
  • Don't spend any sun for X seconds
  • Don't let the zombies trample the flowers
  • Don't plant on Dave's mold colonies
  • Survive without Lawnmowers


Each day there are 3 Pinata Parties for the player to play. They are separated by difficulty, and the harder the difficulty, the better the prizes the player gets.

  • Easy: Normal Pinata Party.
  • Medium: Normal Pinata Party with 1 goal.
  • Hard: Normal Pinata Party with 2 goals.

Themed Events

Pinata Parties can also take on the appearance of special limited time events that feature the Premium Plants themed for that event. Additionally, some zombies wear themed outfits during those events.

  • Lawn of Doom

Halloween Event with Ghost Pepper, Jack O Lantern, and Pumpkin Mage shown off.

  • Food Fight

Thanksgiving Event with Sweet Potato shown off.

  • Feastivus

Christmas event with Sap-fling and Snow Cotton shown off.

  • New Year's Dawning

New Year's Event with Shrinking Violet shown off.

  • Valenbrainz

Valentine's Day Event with Blooming Heart shown off.

  • New Year's Dynasty

Chinese New Year Event with Monkiwi, Plum Blossom, and Dragonfruit shown off.

  • The Springening

Easter Event with Mischief Radish shown off.

  • Birthdayz Parties

Plants vs Zombies anniversary Event.

  • Summer Nights

Fourth of July Event with Rose Swordsman, Strawburst, and Magic Mushroom shown off.

  • Garden Warfare

Garden Warfare Event with Rose and Kernel Corn shown off.

  • Time Trap

Time Paradox Event with Wasabi Whip shown off.


When whacked open, piñatas can contain any of the following:

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