Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version) Is a slightly different version of Plants vs Zombies 2 created by Dekagamer7X9.

Platforms: PC, Mac.

Rating: T (due to references to religion and alcohol)


Gameplay-wise, the game is almost exactly the same as the regular Plants vs Zombies 2, with some changes.

The sequel to the award winning tower defense game is finally here!

  • Travel on an adventure through time to bring back Crazy Dave's taco!
  • Travel through awesome time periods like Pirate Seas and Dark Ages!
  • Gather keys to unlock awesome brain busters!
  • Use classic plants like the Peashooter, Doom-shroom, and Chomper!
  • Discover Brand new allies like Laser Bean, Iceberg Lettuce and Rotobaga!
  • Battle whacky zombies like the Tomb Raiser, Archmage and Dodo Rider!
  • Battle Dr. Zomboss and his various Zombots on your journey!
  • Over 250 levels to enjoy!


  • Click on sun with the mouse to collect it.
  • Left Click on a seed packet and drag it to a space, then click again to plant a plant.
  • Click on Plant Food with the mouse to collect it.
  • To use Plant Food, press space, and click the plant you want to use it on.
  • Use the mouse or WASD to move around on the map screen.
  • Press Control to activate the Turbo Button.
  • Press ESC to pause the game.


List of Plants


List of Zombies

Brain Busters

List of Brain Busters

Differences from regular version

PLEASE NOTE: This list does not account for anything added to the real version of Plants vs. Zombies 2 from summer 2017 onwards.

  • It is on PC.
  • The maps are pre-1.7. styled.
  • Game progression is the same as pre-1.7, just without stars.
  • Music plays on the title screen.
  • The credits aren't played until the game is beaten.
  • There's a music video for Zombie Time during the credits.
  • Each regular sun is worth 25 sun.
  • There are no stars.
  • Most star/level goals are now part of Pinata Parties.
  • There are multiple Pinata Parties available to play every day.
  • Premium Plants are bought with coins.
  • There are no Power-ups.
  • There are no gems.
  • There is only one tutorial level.
  • Coins can be used to buy various items in the shop.
  • Kung-fu World is an area.
  • Castle in the Sky is an area.
  • Coin bags contain 5 gold coins.
  • Lawnmowers are worth 1 gold coin each.
  • Gold Coins are worth 50 coins each.
  • All plants from the chinese version are in the game.
  • All Premium plants from the regular version are obtained normally (except Imitater).
  • Treasure chests can be obtained from certain levels. They contain either World Keys, Endless Zones, or Vasebreaker packs.
  • There is a Vasebreaker level pack for each world.
  • Vasebreaker level packs are obtained after completing a world.
  • Plants are obtained in different orders.
  • Upgrades are obtained by killing a certain amount of zombies in a world.
  • Every world has at least 2 upgrades.
  • Diamonds return from the first game.
  • Endless zones are unlocked after the boss battles.
  • Every world has the same amount of levels.
  • Every world has the same amount of plants.
  • World keys cannot unlock any world, only the next world chronologically.
  • Worlds not yet unlocked are shown as silhouettes.
    • Intially only the first five worlds are shown on the world selection screen. Upon completing Far Future Day 17 (after which Penny receives a “system upgrade”), the remaining 11 worlds appear.
  • Some worlds have more than one exclusive brain buster.
  • There are 3 worlds exclusive to this version; Jukebox Diner, Silent Suburbs, and Hellfire Depths.
  • The Zen Garden functions the same as it does in the first game.
  • Plants can be leveled up, like in the Chinese version.
  • Snapdragon thaws nearby plants in Frostbite Caves, and can't be frozen.
  • Ice plants can't be frozen in Frostbite Caves.
  • Crazy Dave's Twiddidinkies returns from the first game.
  • Costumes can only be obtained from the Costume Lottery.
  • The maximum amount of seed slots is ten.
  • Sun Bombs are worth 50 sun each.
  • In Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas, and Wild West, the Save our Seeds levels have different Endangered Plants in each level.
  • Mushrooms sleep during the day.
  • The Turbo Button must be bought from the shop for 500 coins.
  • Mower Launch is activated by double clicking a lawn mower.
  • Upgrades can be bought with coins if the player doesn't want to get them the normal way.
  • Bacon is available to buy in the shop.
  • Imitated plants are gray.
  • Zombotany, Boss rematch, and Sandbox are all game modes, and must be unlocked with one of the 3 mysterious keys sold at the shop for 50,000 coins.
  • The endless zone has a button on the seed select screen to change the zombies.
  • Every world has at least one plant returning from the first game.
  • There are 17 total areas.
  • Dark Alchemy and Trap Tiles are in Special Delivery format.
  • The boss fight against the Zombot Aerostatic Gondola is in Last Stand format.
  • Travel Log distributes the upgrades, and does not give out quests.
  • Endless Zones contain a fourth card that costs 1,500 coins, can be picked along with a Plant card, and always is either Starting Sun, Starting Plant Food, or Lawn Mower Replacement.
  • Vasebreaker is unlocked using a Mysterious Key costing 500 coins, and the player is urged by Crazy Dave to buy it after Ancient Egypt Day 10.
  • Each world has a bonus level called "Day X" unlocked after the world's boss battle, and is hidden on the map. It is a special delivery level, and completing it will give the player a plant.
  • There is a PvP Mode that's unlocked after the main game is completed.
  • Modern Day has 36 levels.
  • Modern Day has 5 levels in the boss gauntlet.
  • There is a single level area called Time Twister, where the final boss is fought.
  • Gold Bloom is obtained in Modern Day, rather than from an Epic Quest.


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