(After the player completes the level and receives the hot sauce, Crazy Dave appears)

Crazy Dave: Hey neighbor!

Crazy Dave: Can I borrow your hot sauce?

(Crazy Dave brings out his taco)

Crazy Dave: I've been holding this taco forever!

(Crazy Dave eats his taco)

Crazy Dave (Surprised): Oh! That was... AMAZING!

Crazy Dave: I want to eat THAT taco again! I need my TIME MACHINE!

(Penny appears)

Crazy Dave: Her name is Penny and I'm Crazy Dave. But you call me Crazy Dave.

Penny: Finally, another User who can process my queries.

Penny: Let me postulate, User Dave wants to go back in time to eat his taco.... again...

Crazy Dave: She's so smart! Now let's go after my taco!

(Crazy Dave and Penny leave)

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