Portal Combat is a Brain Buster in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version), and is exclusive to Neon Mixtape Tour. It is similar to the minigame of the same name from the original Plants vs Zombies. In this brain buster, there are portals on the lawn. When a zombie walks into one, they'll come out the other one of the same color. The same happens with projectiles from plants. Portals in this brain buster, however, have an additional function, as they can spawn zombies. Certain zombies spawn from different portals. Blue Portals spawn Neon Zombie variants, Gold Portals spawn Punk Zombies and Glitter Zombies, Red Portals spawn MC Zom-Bs and Breakdancer Zombies, and Black Portals spawn Hair Metal Gargantuars. Additionally, Portals regularly change location during the level, forcing the player to alter their strategy.



  • The way that the portals spawn specific zombies is similar to the Time Portal mechanic in Modern Day.
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