PvP is a mode in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version). It is unlocked after the main game is completed. There are various sub-modes of this mode. Mainly though, players can set up their own defenses and send zombies to attack other players.


Upon completing the main game, the credits roll, and the player is returned to the main menu. Upon returning to the game after this, Crazy Dave tells the player that a Zombie who previously worked for Zomboss wants to meet with them. The PvP button is then unlocked, and clicking it takes the player to the PvP tutorial, where Commander Zombomb teaches the player the basics of PvP mode.


  • Defense Arrangement

Allows the player to set up their defenses. They start with 5000 sun, and can plant any plant. The player can get more sun to add more defenses by defeating other players. The player can customize their lawn with various decorative items which are bought for coins. The player also unlocks gimmicks they can add to their lawn, such as Power Tiles, Slider Tiles, or Minecarts.

  • Garden Warfare

Allows the player to attack another player's lawn with their zombies. When starting this mode, the player is given one of every zombie, and additional zombies are obtained as drops from killing plants or destroying flags. To defeat the other player, you must destroy all their plants, and destroy all their flags (which are put where Lawnmowers usually are). The player can get crafting items, sun, and zombies by defeating plants and destroying flags.

  • Resource Wars

Allows the player to attack another player's lawn when the player is active. If the attacking player wins, they steal crafting items from the other player. If the defending player wins, they steal sun from the other player.

  • Versus

Allows two players to battle each other in any of the worlds. For more info, see Versus.


  • Versus is almost exactly like Versus Mode from the original Plants vs Zombies.
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