Sunflower is a plant in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version), available from the beginning of the game.


Sunflower is a normal sun producing plant that produces 25 sun every 24 seconds.

  • Sun Cost: 50
  • Recharge: Fast
  • Health: 6 bites
  • Obtained: Available at the beginning of the game
  • Plant Food Ability: Produces 125 sun.

Almanac Entry

After the release of her first major Youtuber video "Zombies On Your Lawn," Sunflower's Youtuber channel has been bursting with fun. She is currently putting the final touches on her reality show TV pitch "Sunflower Thinks She Can Dance."

Level Upgrades

  • Level 1: Nothing
  • Level 2: Produces 25 sun when killed.
  • Level 3: Produces 75 sun when killed.
  • Level 4: Plant food ability produces gold coins as well as sun.
  • Level 5: Has a 25% chance to use its plant food ability upon planting.
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