Tar Pits is a Brain Buster in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version), and is exclusive to Jurassic Marsh. In this Brain Buster, the entire lawn is covered in tar. Zombies and Dinos are slowed down tremendously by this tar. However, when plants are planted in it, they start to sink, and eventually sink away. So, the player must constantly be planting in order to keep their defenses up. Flying plants do not, however, sink into the tar, and some other plants have unique effects when planted in tar. This Brain Buster is also in a Special Delivery format.


Unique Plant Effects

  • Cherry Bomb

It's explosion also temporarily clears away a 3x3 of tar.

  • Grapeshot

It's grapes will temporarily clear away any tar they roll through.

  • Oak Archer

If you've upgraded Oak Archer to Level 2 or higher, It's arrows, when splitting, will temporarily clear away tar they travel through.

  • Fire Pea

It sinks slower than other plants, and will slow down the sinking of plants around it.

  • Cold Snapdragon

It's mist can temporarily solidify tar, making it a barrier for zombies.

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