Torchwood is a plant in Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time (GMXX Version), obtained after completing all Save Our Seeds levels in Ancient Egypt.


Torchwood is a plant that ignites peas that pass through it, making them deal double damage. These flaming peas also undo slowing effects from ice plants. If a frozen pea passes through a Torchwood, it becomes a normal pea.

  • Sun Cost: 175
  • Recharge: Mediocre
  • Health: 6 bites
  • Obtained: After completing all Save Our Seeds levels in Ancient Egypt.
  • Plant Food Ability: Its fire turns blue, making it so that peas which pass through it become napalm peas, which deal triple damage.

Almanac Entry

Torchwood and Snapdragon have become fast friends. They like to hang out at either the Tiki Lounge or the Renaissance Faire.

Level Upgrades

  • Level 1: Nothing
  • Level 2: Its health becomes 14.
  • Level 3: Its health becomes 32.
  • Level 4: With plant food, its fire turns purple, quadrupling the damage of peas that pass through it.
  • Level 5: Has a 25% chance to use its plant food ability upon planting.
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